Ma’din Qur’an Institut, Q land, a specially designed college for girls who wish to memorize Qur’an and become Hafizat, was inaugurated in 1996 at Kattippara, calicut, three years after laying of the foundation stone by sayyid abdul qader in 1993. The institute, with the supervision of visionary ulamas, designed a unique educational programs to inculcate the words of Allah and the spirit of islam. What make Q land unique is its focus on women who have less opportunities to memorize quran systematically in the region and the scientific curriculum relying on traditional pedagogical approaches that makes the process of memorisation effortless.
Our curriculum and pedagogy prepare students to memorize and understand the entire Qur’an and prepare them to live a model Islamic life. Students first learn the basic skills of reading Qur’anic Arabic. Once they have mastered the reading skills, they are guided through the memorization of the entire Qur’an. Hadees Shareef and Shafi Fiqh masail are also taught to mold the student’s life according to Islamic values. Secondary school education will also be provided to all students.

Academic Structure

3 years of duration

Degree system
Hafizath Adaniyya


Pass in 5th, 6th or 7th std from an institution approved by Govt. of Kerala

Admission Period

April - May [Apply Online]

Fee Structure

Monthly Payment Mode

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Courses Offered

Hifz (Qur’an Memorisation)

MSE (Madrasa Secondary Education)

HSISc (Higher Studies in Islamic science)

SSE (School Secondary Education)

HSE (Higher Secondary Education)

Computer Training

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    • Qur’an Theatre
    • Library & Research Centre
    • AdvancedHostel System
    • Smart Classroom

Co-Curricular Activities

    • Literary meeting
    • Nature Club
    • Gardening
    • Ideal club to promote discussion and practical of logic works
    • Personality development and social interaction

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Madin Q Land, Manjeri, Malappuram


+91 994 662 3412

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