Quick Contacts

You reach us at a click and a dial.
Departments E-Mail Contact Number
Chairman Office [email protected] +914832738343 (Appointment Register)
General Administration [email protected] +914832738343 (Ext: 310)
Management Section [email protected] +914832738343 (Ext:314) [GM]
+914832738343 (Ext:301)
Accounts and Finance [email protected] +914832738343 (Ext:308)
Construction Department [email protected] +914832738343 (Ext:306)
+914832738343 (Ext:307)
Directorate of Admission [email protected] +919995457313
Academics [email protected] +914832732336
International Studies [email protected] +919526151010
Vicennium Projects [email protected] +919946623412
Charity and Donations [email protected] +914832738343 (Ext:305)
Communication and Public Relation [email protected] +919633158822
New Media Communications [email protected] +919502582933
Haj, Umra, and Tours [email protected] +919633396001
Field Executives [email protected]  +917025776600
Adoptions [email protected]  +919747932116
Research and Publishing [email protected]  +918891365646
Arabs and Hospitality [email protected] +919142619890
Ambulance Service [email protected] +919072373313
Institutions E-Mail Contact Number
Kulliyya of Islamic Science [email protected] +919495531394
College of Islamic Da’wa, Edupark [email protected] +919947846210
College of Islamic Da’wa. Dawa Nagar [email protected] +919446636399
College of Islamic Da’wa, Off Campuses [email protected] +919446729375
Model Academy [email protected] +919020202005
School of Excellence [email protected] +914832732180
Sadath Academy [email protected] +918714328313
Thafeezul Quran College [email protected] +919847355299
Higher Secondary School [email protected] +914832971442 (Office)
+919946731683 (Principal)
+919895598803 (HM)
Industrial Training Institute [email protected] +919562585299 (Office)
+919747608737 (Prinicipal)
+917736317480 (GI)
Arts and Sceince College [email protected] +914832971441
Polytechnic College [email protected] +914833202561
Media School (School of Journalism) [email protected] +919645642285
Minority Coaching Sub Center  [email protected] +914832738343
Arabic Study Centre (Arabic Reading Challenge)  [email protected] +919567675414
English Village [email protected] +919846527076
Spanish Academy [email protected] +919495210190
Jamia Millia Distance Study Centre [email protected] +917025886699
She Campus, Nilambur  [email protected] +919048969637
Q Land Campus, Manjeri  [email protected] +919946623412
Technorium Residential Campus [email protected] +919744021030
Boarding Madrassa +914832976767
School of Qur’an +919744021030
Orphanage [email protected] +914832971440
Hospice and Paliative Clinic [email protected]  +918129555258
Public School [email protected] +914832732336
Special Schools Department  +914832738343 (Ext:307)
Grand Masjid +919656167247
Indus Academy [email protected] +919744803834
Mental Health and Rehabilitation Centre (MIMHAR) [email protected] +919895737398