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Global Collaborations and Agreements

Within a very short span since its inception, Ma’din has made collaborative initiatives with many internationally reputed institutions. It has made agreements with the following institutes.

MoU with International Islamic University, Malaysia

The first agreement between an International Islamic University and an Indian institution. The Ma’din Academy was signed by chairman Sayyid Ibrahimul Khaleelul Bukhari and the rector of IIUM Dr. Syed Arabi Idid in a function held at International Islamic University Campus in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This took the form of a memorandum of understanding (MoU).

The agreement aimed at boosting co-operation between both institutions by exchanging students and teachers, facilitating research and publication in various fields, conducting international seminars and workshops and credit transfer between faculties. This allows Indian students to pursue their higher education in 50 faculties and 150 academic programs of The International Islamic University, Malaysia.

MoU with Zeng He Foundation, USA

Ma’din Chairman Sayyid Ibrahim Ul Khaleel Ul Bukhari and Dr. Hayun Maa, Director of Zeng He Foundation and Professor of the History Department at Frostburg University (USA), signed a MoU that enables the academic collaboration of Ma’dinAcademyy with Zeng He International Peace foundation in the fields of Culture and History. The MoU also facilitates co-operation, for example, a joint effort in research regarding Admiral Zeng He, (the 15th century navigator and explorer who reached the shores of Kerala). An annual summit is held to strengthen the cultural ties between India and China. Ma’din foreign languages institute offers tuition in mandarin. It also conducts study tours and publishes research papers.

Darul Musthafa- Ma'din MoU Edited

MoU with Dar al-Mustafa, Yemen

Ma’din chairman Sayyid Ibrahimul Khaleelul Bukhari and Sheikh Habib Umar Bin Hafiz, the founder and Dean of Dar al-Mustafa University Yemen have drafted a Memorandum of Understanding that promotes mutual programmes in learning and training areas as well as for starting joint research ventures on the centuries-old cultural relations between India and Yemen.

Ma'din MoU with Cervantes

MoU with Instituto Cervantes

During his visit to the Instituto Cervantes in New Delhi and the discussions which followed with Mr Oscar Pujol Reimbau, the director of the center, Ma’din chairman SayyidIbrahimulKhaleel Al Bukhari signed a collaboration agreement between Ma’din Academy and Instituto Cervantes to begin Spanish language courses in Kerala.

This is the first initiative from Kerala to teach Spanish from authentic sources. According to the agreement, Instituto Cervantes will offer Spanish language courses from a basic level to an advanced level at Ma’din Spanish Academy, Malappuram, and will provide native Spanish teachers to aid the successful completion of the courses.