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Charity Concerns

Ma’din Academy helps the deprived.

Medical Palliative Wing:

This division of Ma’din extends support to families far from living in a state of wellbeing. Having commenced in August 2015, it offers it’s services by visiting poor households for a free-of-charge medical checkup. Not only providing health counselling, but also they refer to doctors or hospitals in case of an emergency. Their assistance extends to giving telephone guidance, ambulance services and  supplying wheel chairs, waterbeds and walking sticks.

Pension for Divorced Women:

Having started in May 2015, this is a scheme that benefits destitute and deprived daughters of the community. Ma’din Academy grants a wholesome sum of Rs. 1000/- for women separated from their spouses. So for this scheme could benefit 200 such women and be self-sustaining.

Orphan Home Care Scheme

Since 2001, this grants it’s subscribers with an array of benefits. With 185 orphans under its own public school fold, it offers a free of cost education to destitute children. It also extends it’s support to people in the neighbourhood who are seeking help. As part of the same, single mothers are also financially supported to take care of their children.

Aid to disaster victims:

Disasters or natural calamities do not come with a warning sign. Loss of life and property characterise these events. Lending a helping hand to casualties is another of Ma’din’s objectives.